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Everything you need to get started with LearnCard and the Internet of Education!
Freedom, Mobility, Agency. By your very presence, you have already embarked on a rich and rewarding journey with us, and countless allies around the globe, toward transforming learning to radically improve lives throughout the world.
So what are you waiting for? The easiest way to get started is by following a guidebook designed for your needs from a particular vantage point within the ecosystem:
For easy navigation, the rest of these docs are organized around high-level concepts. You can jump quickly to where you need to go:
  • The Learning Economy Protocol: everything you need to know about the values, principles, and concepts underpinning the LE Protocol, and how it relates to the Internet of Education and Learning Economy Foundation.
  • Applications: information on how to access, download, and use key applications for interacting with the LE Protocol, including the general purpose LearnCard, it's k-12 version SuperSkills!, and Metaversity, optimized for post-secondary to workforce.
  • Services: guidebooks to help you get up and running with services built on top of the LE Protocol, including a CLI, the LearnCard Network, a Discord bot, and Metamask Snap.
  • LearnCard SDK: an open-source digital wallet, ID, credentialing technology, and UX to enable any individual or organization to seamlessly issue, earn, store, share, and spend currency and credentials.
  • LearnBank SDK: an open-source suite of tools, smart-contracts, and UX to enable any individual or organization to mint learn-and-earn micro-scholarships to solve last mile equity challenges. (coming soon 🚧)
  • LearnGraph SDK: an open-source suite of tools and UX for querying and mapping the topography of global learning and employment. (coming soon 🚧)

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