↔️Translating to CHAPI documentation

How to translate LearnCard's methods into the CHAPI documentation's methods

For Wallets

CHAPI exposes four main methods from its two packages:

  • loadOnce from credential-handler-polyfill

  • installHandler from web-credential-handler

  • activeHandler from web-credential-handler

  • receiveCredentialEvent from web-credential-handler

LearnCard exposes three of these methods for you, while implicitly calling loadOnce for you at construction time in the CHAPI plugin.

  • learnCard.invoke.installChapiHandler wraps installHandler

  • learnCard.invoke.activateChapiHandler wraps activeHandler

  • learnCard.invoke.receiveChapiEvent wraps receiveCredentialEvent

In the case of installHandler and receiveCredentialEvent, these two methods are exposed directly, with only types added to help make them easier to use.

When using activeChapiHandler instead of activateHandler, LearnCard will default the mediatorOrigin to `https://authn.io/mediator?${encodedURIComponent(window.location.origin)` for you. This can be overrided by simply passing in a custom mediatorOrigin when calling activateChapiHandler.

For Issuers

The method storePresentationViaChapi loosely wraps the window.navigator.credentials.store method. However, learnCard.invoke.storePresentationViaChapi will automatically convert a raw Verifiable Presentation into the WebCredential class for you before calling window.navigator.credentials.store.

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