Dynamic Loader

Seek Context, Find Clarity


Usage of this Plugin is strongly discouraged due to security and performance concerns! If there is a context that LearnCard isn't using, it is instead a much better idea to simply make a small plugin implementing the Context Plane that resolves it rather than resort to dynamic context resolution!

See https://www.w3.org/TR/json-ld11/#iana-security for more details.


If you're working in an environment where security is not as important, such as a playground or test environment, you may have a desire to simply resolve contexts dynamically by sending an HTTP request. The Dynamic Loader plugin does just that, and is included by default in most instantiation targets, and can be used by default by passing in allowRemoteContexts: true to the init function.


pnpm i @learncard/dynamic-loader-plugin

Use Cases

While there are potentially a large number of use cases for dynamic context resolution in terms of making life easier and more convenient, the security concerns make many of those use cases too dangerous. Instead, it is recommended to try and avoid ever using this plugin outside of a playground or test environment, where you can be absolutely certain that poor security would not make any kind of difference.

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