Discord Bot

A bot for sending verifiable credentials in your Discord community

Installing the Discord Bot in your Community

Prior to Adding the Bot:

Adding the Bot:

That's it! 🎉

You should see LearnCard Discord bot on your Discord server:

Setting Up Your Discord Bot

Now that you've gotten your Discord Bot installed in your community, let's get you setup to start issuing your first credentials.

1️⃣ Configure Your first Issuer!

In any channel, type /configure-issuer, which will prompt you to fill out information about your community's issuer.

When users receive a credential from you, it will be associated with the issuer profile you configure here. You may create more than one issuer profile.

Hit Submit and, if all went well, you should see a success message:

2️⃣Create Your First Credential Template

In any channel, type the /add-credential command, which will allow you to setup a credential you would like to issue in your community.

First, it will prompt you to select a credential type, choosing among different achievement, skills, learning history, work history categories:

  • Generic Achievement

  • Formal Award

  • Badge

  • Community Service

Then, you can fill out the content of your credential template:

If all goes well, you should see your new credential template! ✅

Right now the Bot doesn't natively support hosting an image for your credential. Although you can host your image anywhere you would like, a great option is NFT.Storage

Upload the image into NFT.Storage, then click “Actions” on your uploaded image and click “View URL”—that’s the URL you want! It should look like: https://<cid>.ipfs.nftstorage.link/

3️⃣Send Your First Credential

In any channel, type the /send-credential @<user> command, and @tag someone, which will allow you to send a credential to a user in your community.

The LearnCard bot will ask you which credential you would like to send to the user, and which issuer you would like to send the credential from:

✅ Then, the LearnCard bot will send a direct message to your community member with steps on how they can claim their shiny new credential!

Using your Discord Bot

The discord bot enables the following /commands on your server:

🚧 More Guides for Discord Bot Coming soon

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