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Sometimes it is important for a Plugin to keep private state/data. This can be done using the lexical scope of the constructor function described in Depending on Plugins!

To demonstrate this, let's build a quick secret message plugin that gates a string behind a password. This plugin will use a constructor function that takes in a message and a password, exposing a getMessage method that will return the message if the correct password is passed in and changePassword/changeMessage methods that allow updating the password/message.

import { Plugin } from '@learncard/core';

export type SecretMessagePluginMethods = {
    getMessage: (password: string) => string;
    changePassword: (oldPassword: string, newPassword: string) => boolean;
    changeMessage: (message: string, password: string) => boolean;

export type SecretMessagePlugin = Plugin<'Secret Message', any, SecretMessagePluginMethods>;
import { SecretMessagePlugin } from './types';

export const getSecretMessagePlugin = (message: string, password: string): SecretMessagePlugin => {
    let currentMessage = message;
    let currentPassword = password;
    return {
        name: 'Secret Message',
        methods: {
            getMessage: (_learnCard, _password) => {
                if (_password !== currentPassword) throw new Error('Wrong password!');
                return currentMessage;
            changePassword: (_learnCard, oldPassword, newPassword) => {
                if (oldPassword !== currentPassword) throw new Error('Wrong password!');
                currentPassword = newPassword;
                return true;
            changeMessage: (_learnCard, newMessage, _password) => {
                if (_password !== currentPassword) throw new Error('Wrong password!');
                currentMessage = newMessage;
                return true;

This plugin can be used like so:

const secretMessageLearnCard = await learnCard.addPlugin(getSecretMessagePlugin('nice', 'pw'));

secretMessageLearnCard.invoke.getMessage(); // Error: Wrong password!
secretMessageLearnCard.invoke.getMessage('pw') // 'nice'

secretMessageLearnCard.invoke.changePassword('pw', 'test') // true
secretMessageLearnCard.invoke.getMessage('pw') // Error: Wrong password!
secretMessageLearnCard.invoke.getMessage('test') // 'nice'

secretMessageLearnCard.invoke.changeMessage('Neat!', 'test') // true
secretMessageLearnCard.invoke.getMessage('test') // 'Neat!'

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