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Admin Dashboard

Open-Source Enterprise VC Admin Dashboard
The Admin Dashboard is a joint effort between the Digital Credentials Consortium at MIT and the Learning Economy Foundation. It's designed to provide enterprises, schools, and organizations with a straightforward way to issue Verifiable Credentials in bulk.


  • User Management: Efficient user onboarding and management.
  • Credential Management: Handle individual credentials—search, view, check status, and revoke.
  • Batch Management: Manage groups of credentials, such as annual diploma issuances.
  • VC & Email Template Management: Edit and store templates for credentials and emails.
  • Claim Page: Allows students to claim and download their credentials.
  • White Label Ready: Configurable branding options.
  • VC-API & CHAPI Integration: Compatible with the Verifiable Credential API exchange endpoints and CHAPI.
  • Deployment: Fully dockerized for ease of deployment.
License: MIT License. Contributions and feedback are welcome.