Create New Credentials

Quick start for creating new credentials

What's the point of issuing, sending, and verifying credentials if there's nothing important inside of them?

Test Credential

One of the easiestโ€”and fastestโ€”ways to create a credential is to generate a test credential:

// Returns an unsigned, test credential in the OBv3 spec.
const unsignedVc = learnCard.invoke.getTestVc();

Credentials from Template

But sometimes the test credential is too basic for most use cases. That's why LearnCard has out-of-the-box support for some basic types of credentials, and a simple function to create new credentials:

// Returns an unsigned, basic credential
const basicCredential = learnCard.invoke.newCredential({ type: 'basic' });
// Returns an unsigned, achievement credential. 
const achievementCredential = learnCard.invoke.newCredential({ type: 'achievement' });

For more info on Credential Templates, checkout the VC-Templates Plugin:


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