Generating did:key's and did:pkh's


The DID Key plugin is responsible for generating DIDs and keypairs on the fly using a 32 Byte input seed. It implements the ID Control Plane, and allows consumers and consuming plugins to easily get a DID or keypair that can be derived from the input seed.


pnpm i @learncard/didkey-plugin

Use Cases

The main use case for this plugin is to satisfy the ID Control Plane, allowing other plugins to build on top of this and do useful things with the holder's key material, without need to directly manage access to the holder's key material.

How to instantiate and use DID Keys

Instantiation is straightforwardโ€”simply pass in a random 32 Bytes to use as entropy, and you will gain access to DIDs and keypairs associated with those 32 Bytes:

const randomBytes = 'a'.repeat(64); // Please actually randomly generate your bytes!

// DIDKit is needed to satisfy the Did Key plugin's dependent methods   
const didkitLearnCard = await (await initLearnCard({ custom: true })).addPlugin(await getDidKitPlugin());

const learnCard = await didkitLearnCard.addPlugin(
    await getDidKeyPlugin(didkitLearnCard, randomBytes, 'key')

const did = learnCard.id.did();
const keypair = learnCard.id.keypair();

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