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The VC-API plugin makes it easy for your LearnCard to interact with a VC-API endpoint like LearnCard Bridge.
The VC-API Plugin:
  • Exposes signing and verification methods using a VC-API.
  • Enables discovery of the VC-API's Issuer DID automatically if it has a /did endpoint. Alternatively, the VC-API plugin requires the implementer to specify the Issuer DID the API controls.
  • Validates all inputs/outputs to intelligently prevent ill-formed requests, and guarantees the VC-API returns well-formed responses.


// Initializes a LearnCard default connected to https://bridge.learncard.com
const defaultApi = await initLearnCard({ vcApi: true });
// Initializes a LearnCard connected to a custom VC-API, with Issuer DID specified.
const customApi = await initLearnCard({ vcApi: 'vc-api.com', did: 'did:key:123' });
// Initializes a LearnCard connected to a custom VC-API that implements /did discovery endpoint.
const customApiWithDIDDiscovery = await initLearnCard({ vcApi: 'https://bridge.learncard.com' });
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