LearnCard Network

The LearnCard Network is a powerful, decentralized platform designed to facilitate secure and verifiable interactions between users, organizations, and services. Built upon decentralized identifiers (DIDs), the network enables a wide range of applications, from identity management and credential exchange to community building and collaboration. The LearnCard Network API empowers developers to create innovative applications and services, unlocking novel use cases and providing end-users with valuable tools for personal growth, self-reflection, and secure communication.

Leveraging the LearnCard Network API, developers can seamlessly integrate the platform's robust capabilities into their applications. The API provides endpoints for managing user profiles, connections, credentials, presentations, and more. Additionally, the LearnCard Network Plugin (@learncard/network-plugin) simplifies authentication and streamlines the use of the API, enabling developers to focus on creating engaging and secure experiences for their users. With its flexible and secure architecture, the LearnCard Network is poised to revolutionize how users interact and share information in the digital world.

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