Using the LearnCLoud Plugin

The LearnCloud Plugin (@learncard/learn-cloud-plugin) simplifies the process of interacting with the LearnCloud API by providing a set of convenient methods for managing credentials, presentations, and records. This guide will help you understand how to use this plugin in your application.


pnpm install @learncard/learn-cloud-plugin


import { initLearnCard } from '@learncard/init'
import didkit from '@learncard/didkit-plugin/dist/didkit/didkit_wasm_bg.wasm?url';

const learnCard = await initLearnCard({ seed, didkit });

Accessing Plugin Methods

Once you've initialized the LearnCloud Plugin, you can access the methods by calling the read, store, and index planes. For example, to get the current user's Credential Records, you can call:

await learnCard.index.LearnCloud.get();

For a more detailed breakdown of how to use the Read, Store, and Index Planes, see their respective pages.

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