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One Function to Rule Them All
While there are many init functions that are exposed and that can be used, we recommend instead sticking to the initLearnCard function.
initLearnCard is a config-driven, heavily overloaded function, that allows you to construct a wallet flexibly, without sacrificing type safety.
Under the hood, it is simply a map between the config you provide and the init function you would normally need to call, meaning calls like initLearnCard() and emptyLearnCard() are identical.

Example Usage

import { initLearnCard } from '@learncard/init';
// Constructs an empty LearnCard without key material (can not sign VCs).
// Useful for Verifying Credentials only in a light-weight form.
const emptyLearncard = await initLearnCard();
// Constructs a LearnCard from a deterministic seed.
const learncard = await initLearnCard({ seed: 'abc123' });
// Constructs a LearnCard default connected to LearnCard Network hosted at https://network.learncard.com
const networkLearnCard = await initLearnCard({ seed: 'abc123', network: true });
// Constructs a LearnCard default connected to VC-API at https://bridge.learncard.com for handling signing
const defaultApi = await initLearnCard({ vcApi: true });
// Constructs a LearnCard connected to a custom VC-API, with Issuer DID specified.
const customApi = await initLearnCard({ vcApi: 'vc-api.com', did: 'did:key:123' });
// Constructs a LearnCard connected to a custom VC-API that implements /did discovery endpoint.
const customApiWithDIDDiscovery = await initLearnCard({ vcApi: 'https://bridge.learncard.com' });
// Constructs a LearnCard with no plugins. Useful for building your own bespoke LearnCard
const customLearnCard = await initLearnCard({ custom: true });
The examples above are not exhaustive of possible ways to instantiate a LearnCard:
  • For more on initialization with a VC-API, check out the VC-API Plugin.
  • For more info on instantiating a wallet with a seed, click here.
  • For more info on instantiating an empty wallet, click here.