Store and Retrieve Credentials however you like!

What are LearnCard URIs?

The LearnCard URI is a URI that allows a Universal Wallet to resolve a credential. It is freely extensible and any plugin can add to it in any way. However standard plugins will adhere to a format of lc:${method}:${location}. For example, the Ceramic plugin adds lc:ceramic:${streamID} URI support.

Why use LearnCard URIs?

Verifiable Credentials need to be stored somewhere. LearnCard does not dictate where they can be stored. So, LearnCard URIs (often referred to as just URIs) were devised to be able to seamlessly retrieve credentials that can be stored anywhere a plugin allows

When would I use a LearnCard URI?

For the most part, URIs get used by Read, Store, and Index Control Planes. Basically, Verifiable Credentials are converted into a URI by the Store Plane, saved in the holder's list with the Index Plane, then later read from the holder's list and resolved back into a Credential with the Read Plane.

However, URIs can also be very useful whenever you need to transport a credential and you know that LearnCard is being used, such as between your own networked systems.

How can I use URIs?

Simply use lc.store.upload to convert a Verifiable Credential into a URI that you can then do things with, such as store and send. To get the Verifiable Credential back, use lc.read.get on the URI.

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