Adding Plugins

Bringing it all together!

In order to create a fully functioning LearnCard, you will need to add some plugins. Specifically, you will (probably) want to add at least one plugin that implements each Control Plane.

To learn more about Control Planes, as well as find recommended Plugins for each Control Plane, click here!

In code, constructing a LearnCard completely from scratch looks like this:

const baseLearnCard = await initLearnCard({ custom: true });
const didkitLearnCard = await baseLearnCard.addPlugin(await getDidKitPlugin());
const didkeyLearnCard = await didkitLearnCard.addPlugin(await getDidKeyPlugin(didkitLearnCard, 'a', 'key'));
// repeat for any more plugins you'd like to add

However, you don't have to start from scratch! Each instantiation function is completely able to add bespoke plugins to it:

const emptyLearnCard = await initLearnCard();
const customLearnCard = await emptyLearnCard.addPlugin(CustomPlugin);

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