Learners & Employees

Using LearnCard to save your skills and achievements into a lifelong, verifiable digital wallet or resume!

If you're a learner or employee, and are interested in understanding the how and why of LearnCard—you've come to the right place! 🎉

This guide will walk you through everything you need to get started. No prior experience required.

First things first: you need to identify your use case. Why are you interested in using LearnCard in the first place?

Some common use cases:

  • 🎓 Lifelong Resume: you want to store skills, credentials, learning certificates, and achievements earned from many different places—at school, online, from a workshop, at a museum, etc.—and you want to be able to share them with a potential employer or school. Start here.

  • 📩 Claim a Credential: you received a credential, and you want to claim it! Start here.

  • Prove Skills: you want to prove your skills, in a way that's trusted and verifiable, for a school application, potential employer, or other use case. Start here.

  • 🐧 Peer-to-Peer Recognition: you want to provide an endorsement or issue credentials to your peers in order to recognize them for their achievements. Start here.

  • Self-Attested Credentials: you want to document, track, and share self-attested skills, achievements, and learning history. Start here.

Are you using LearnCard?

We'd love to hear to hear from you! Share your story in our Github Discussions, or send us an email at community@learningeconomy.io—we'd love to feature your work 🙌.

Quick Start

These are some of the most common and quickest ways to get started.

#1—Setup Your LearnCard

Head to the LearnCard application page to get setup with LearnCard on web, iOS, or Android:


#2—Claim a Credential You've Received

🚧 Coming soon

#3—Share Your Credentials

🚧 Coming soon

#4—Issue Credentials to a Peer

🚧 Coming soon

#5—Self-Attest a Credential

🚧 Coming soon


Sometimes you need more than the basic, out-of-the-box flows because you have a complex community or use case. That's great! All of our tooling is fully pluggable and open-source, so with a little elbow grease and developer time, you should be able to accomplish your goals.

Don't have your own developers? We're here to help.

Build Your Own Bot

Does your community use a platform not yet supported? Let's change that:

Build Your Own Plugin

Do you have a unique requirement, such as supporting a specific DID method, protocol, or system? You might need to build your own plugin:

pageWriting Plugins

Coming Soon

These features aren't yet available, but they are coming soon on our roadmap—never too early to get excited!


  • 💸 Earn-and-learn: you want to incentivize learning in your community on a specific topic, or even incentivize people to learn about your community.


  • 🥾 Pathways: navigate learning, skills, and jobs progressions based on your holistic goals.

  • 💰Micropayments: get paid by researchers to contribute anonymized, aggregate data to solve some of education's hardest challenges.

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