The IDX Plugin adds support for managing a bespoke list of Credential Records for the holder in IDX

This plugin implements the Index Plane.


pnpm i @learncard/idx-plugin

General Use

To make using this plugin easier, it is recommended to use the index plane to access all of its methods

The IDX Plugin mostly deals with CredentialRecord objects, which are objects that contain an ID, a URI pointing to a Verifiable Credential, and any other metadata that you'd like to add in. You can use a generic parameter to add type safety to any custom metadata!

Getting the holder's list of Credential Records

const records = await learnCard.index.IDX.get();

Adding a Credential Record

const success = await learnCard.index.IDX.add(record);

Updating a Credential Record

const success = await learnCard.index.IDX.update(id, updates);

Removing a Credential Record

const success = await learnCard.index.IDX.remove(id);

Custom Metadata

const records = await learnCard.index.IDX.get<{ foo: 'bar' }>();
console.log(records[0].foo); // 'bar'

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