Sending and Receiving Credentials across interoperable Wallets

What is CHAPI?

CHAPI (Credential Handler API) is an open source protocol that allows conforming wallets to easily send and receive Credentials and Presentations to each other.

CHAPI is an open protocol designed to solve the β€œNASCAR Problem” - too often, users are presented with a fixed set of options for authentication with third-party sites. The CHAPI protocol provides mediation between any CHAPI-enabled web application and a third-party site. Just register your web app with your browser, and off you go!


LearnCard packages up and re-exposes the basic CHAPI methods in an attempt to make it as easy as possible to use LearnCard under the hood for a CHAPI compliant application. To learn how to use LearnCard to become CHAPI compliant, click one of the following links!

⭐CHAPI Wallet Setup GuideπŸ–₯️Demo ApplicationπŸ”°Using LearnCard to Interact with a CHAPI Wallet

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