LearnCard Network API

A Friendly Overview

The LearnCard Network API is designed to make it easy for developers to interact with the LearnCard Network. This API provides a set of convenient endpoints that allow you to manage credentials, boosts, and presentations associated with user profiles. Here's a quick high-level summary of what you can do with the API:

  1. Credentials: Send, accept, retrieve, and delete credentials between users on the LearnCard Network. Credentials can be used to represent skills, achievements, or other information related to a user's profile.

  2. Boosts: Create, send, update, delete, and claim boosts for users on the network. Boosts are a way to reward and incentivize user interactions, such as completing tasks or participating in events.

  3. Presentations: Send, accept, retrieve, and delete presentations between users. Presentations are packages of credentials that can be shared with others to demonstrate the user's skills or achievements.

  4. Utilities: Check the health of the API endpoint, retrieve a list of valid challenges, and obtain the LearnCard Network Decentralized Identifier (DID).

  5. Storage: Store and resolve credentials or presentations using a unique identifier (URI).

The LearnCard Network API makes it simple to create engaging and interactive applications that utilize credentials, boosts, and presentations between users and applications.

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